What should you know about a boating accident attorney?

What should you know about a boating accident attorney?

Boat accidents are like a nightmare and are very alarming and occur in deep blue. Boating is a popular activity; hence boat accidents are also prevalent. For water-based accidents, there are laws dedicated to boats, the sea and other water bodies.

boating accident attorney

Most recreational boating accident victims think their injury attorney will handle their injury during boating or water surfing. But the fact is that the state does not regulate Big Bear Lake, Lake Arrowhead, Lake Powell, Lake Havasu, Lake Tahoe and most of the other major water bodies.

The General Maritime Law governs these bodies. This means you need an experienced Boating accident attorney or an experienced Maritime attorney.

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Recreational boating accidents are prevalent when people enjoy jet skiing, water skiing, yachting, sailing and tubing. These activities can cause various boating accidents, resulting in costly, frequently disabling, or even deadly injuries for their victims.

In the US, boating accidents cause thousands of deaths every year. Most of the time, due to negligence of another boater, mechanical failure, poorly marked waterways and alcohol or drug intoxication cause boats to collide, leading to severe injuries for both parties.

Some of the time, injuries are minor, but in some cases, injuries can be severe. Brain damage, spinal cord injury, drowning, and death are all possible outcomes.

Maritime Law

Maritime law is the law that includes accidents and disputes involving ships, boats etc. The law handles the process of carrying goods through the sea, rules for protecting and maintaining boats at sea, marine insurance, and registration of vessels.

This is a highly specialized law sector that most personal injury lawyers are unfamiliar with. At the time of a boat accident, an experienced Boating accident attorney will negotiate the law with all its possibilities to get you the best possible legal representation.

Each state that borders the major oceans has their law. You must follow all the rules when taking your boat to sea.

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Common Causes of Boat Accidents

There are several different types of boat accidents that are covered by maritime law. Such as:

Operator Distraction

It is the most common cause of boat accidents. Just like driving a car, an operator’s distraction in operating maritime vessels can result in an accident. Using mobile, eating or adjusting GPS can take your attention away from the water and lead to accidents.

Water Conditions like heavy and low tides change frequently; hence if the operator’s attention is distracted for a few minutes, accidents can happen.


Boating under the use of alcohol is a severe problem. Alcohol or drug consumption while driving a car can cause road accidents; similarly, if the operator is under the influence of alcohol or drug on a boat or ship can lead to miss happenings.

Operator Inexperience

It is also one of the significant factors in boating accidents. The study says that 70% of boating accident deaths are due to a lack of operator experience and safety training.

The operator’s experience is essential during emergencies, and he needs to know how to handle the climatic changes and ensure the safety of all those on board. The trained and experienced operator can control the ship or boat during emergencies.

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High Speed

It is always advisable for the operator to maintain a certain speed of the ship. High speed can cause:

  • Increased stop time
  • Less time to react around hazards
  • Difficulty in identifying rocks or any other danger
  • Increased property damage and injuries
  • The operator must deal with various factors such as visibility and weather. Conditions while maintaining speed.

Machine Failure

It is mandatory to check your vessel before you enter the water. The checklist should include a battery, fuel, oil, electrical and cooling systems, hull, and, most crucial, drain plug.

Regular maintenance and inspection will help in reducing machine failure in your vessel. Always carry essential hand tools and spare parts on the boat.

Why you need a Boating accident Attorney

If you have been in a boating accident, you can claim compensation to recover the damages you suffered. This includes hiring an experienced boat injury lawyer or boating accident attorney who knows maritime law so that you get the fair compensation possible.

If you have sustained an injury at your work, you can file for your worker’s compensation claim.

The boat injury lawyers should have specific knowledge and experience working with victims of boating accidents.

Brooklyn boat accident lawyer

There are approximately 500,000 registered boats in New York, and many people are seriously injured or even killed yearly in boat accidents. Water sports like fishing, jet skiing, scuba diving or water skiing can also cause boat accidents. 

Depending on where the boat accident has taken place, the law that will be applicable will be either maritime law or New York law. 

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Getting a personal injury is a painful experience for anybody, which affects their health and life. Handling claims with an insurance company will be complicated and time taking. 

The insurance companies will try to give you less compensation. By hiring the Brooklyn boat accident lawyeryou can be sure that the insurance company will pay you full and fair compensation for your injury.

If a death in your family has occurred in any boat accident, you can claim settlement on their behalf for wrongful death under the guidance of a Brooklyn boat accident lawyer.

The Injuries which are compensable

People can get various injuries in a boat accident, and only severe injuries are compensable. Some serious injuries are broken bones, neck, brain, back, and spinal injuries.

Boat collision lawyer

A collision with another recreational boat causes common boat accidents. Recreational vessels are for personal use and owned by friends or family members, and their operators are responsible for their actions while driving the boat. 

When you or your loved one is injured in a boat accident, it is difficult to figure out who is at fault and whether you can file a case. Hiring a boat collision lawyer or boating accident attorney is essential if you are injured because of someone else’s negligence.

An experience boating accident attorney will give you the best representation and help you earn compensation for your injuries. The boat collision lawyer deals with all legal formalities on behalf of you.

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What to do after Boat Accident

If you are a passenger or an operator, below are the steps to follow after an accident:

  1. Contact emergency service if someone is injured and needs medical help or if there is damage to the boat. 
  2. File a report to the U.S. Coast Guard if there is any missing or dead person or severe injuries.
  3. We must collect information regarding accidents, such as photos of injuries, damages, and weather conditions. Registration and insurance details of the boat operator.
  4. Consult a boat injury lawyer to help you with the legal process. They will advise you on the best options to get fair compensation.
boating accident attorney


Any accidents can cause physical and mental damage to the person and his family. Boat accidents are prevalent at large water bodies, and each year dozens of people become the victim of boat accidents. 

Many victims of boat accidents are children. The significant type of boats involved in accidents are motorboats, cabin motorboats and personal watercraft. 

If you suffer injuries in a boat accident, the next step is to contact a boat accident lawyer so that he can fight for your legal rights and can claim fair compensation for your injuries and losses.

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