How to remove community guidelines strike YouTube | Step-by-step guide

How to remove community guidelines strike YouTube | Step-by-step guide

Until 2005, video content creators could publish any video with absolutely no restriction, with the visibility of the published video being open to every YouTube user across the globe. 

However, YouTube now has formulated stringent guidelines for its content creators to avoid controversial, offensive and explicit content on its platform. 

How to remove Community Guidelines strike YouTube

Just like the traffic rules we ought to follow while driving on roads, the community guidelines formulated by YouTube are the ground rules to be respected and followed before posting any video-related content there. We now discuss in-depth how the community guidelines strike YouTubeThese come into play when you publish the following types of content:

  • Abusive content
  • Spreading or inciting hate towards a particular religious community
  • Criminal content
  • Explicit, sexual or adult content

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These YouTube Community Guidelines apply not only to the content in the video but also to the thumbnail, video title and the parts comprising the description of the video. Hence, content creators must understand and respect these guidelines to post their video content on YouTube.

Let’s talk in detail about the community guideline strikes on YouTube:

  1. First Strike 

Content creators receive their first YouTube strike when their video does not comply with one or more of the guidelines mentioned above for the second time.

Upon being struck, You Tubers are banned from making the following points for the next seven days:

  • Uploading new YouTube videos on their feed
  • Customizing the thumbnails of their YouTube videos
  • Creating and editing playlists
  • Live to stream

· Schedule a video to become public

2. Second strike

If you get another strike during the same 90-day period as the first one, You will be unable to post content for the next two weeks. If no further problems arise after the two weeks, full privileges will be restored automatically. You will be able to post videos normally.

3. Third strike

If anyone gets a third strike within the same notice period of 90 days can surely aggravate the issue and make it serious. This results in your channel and all its videos being permanently deleted from YouTube.

Sometimes, even a single case of severe abuse and controversy in a video could permanently terminate the channel from YouTube.

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What happens when you get a strike?

The information of a content creator’s channel being struck is intimated to them via e-mail. They are also given relevant information and reasons about :

  • The content that caused the strike
  • The policy or policies under YouTube community guidelines 2022 that it had violated
  • What could be done following that

Some important tips for you to keep in mind

Although YouTube removes videos violating its community guidelines, they also understand that accidents occasionally occur. YouTube cares for their creators, especially those who make their career out of the videos they post on YouTube. 

In this case, one can opt for YouTube community guidelines strike appeal.

But, before you start, please make sure to review the policy under the YouTube community guidelines related to the strike. One can only issue YouTube community guidelines strike appeal within 30 days for the issue of the warrant or strike.

Sometimes, YouTube may also remove videos directly from the channel without giving a strike. Content creators need to know how to remove community guidelines strikes on YouTubeWhen this occurs, content creators can issue an appeal in the following ways:

  • Sign in to your YouTube studio account
  • Select the option ‘content’ from the menu on the left
  • Proceed to the videos that you would like to appeal for
  • Type and click appeal under the restriction column
  • After entering your reason for doing so, select the ‘submit’ option

In case it was a thumbnail or a playlist from your channel that was removed, you can use the form provided in the email to appeal, citing reasons why you think it does not violate the rules. This is how you can remove community guidelines strikes on YouTube.

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What happens after you submit an appeal?

  • The first thing that happens is that YouTube sends you a mail with the result of your appeal request.
  • If the video had followed the YouTube Community Guidelines, YouTube would take the responsibility of removing the strike from your channel.
  • In case the video falls under the YouTube Community guidelines. Still, it is not appropriate for people of all ages, and an age restriction shall be applied, limiting the viewership only to users over the age of 18 years.
  • If the video had violated the YouTube Community guidelines, the strike should remain, and the video will remain permanently deleted from the site. However, no additional penalties shall be levied for the same, which is quite reassuring to the channel owners.


We have provided a clear, detailed and lucid idea community guideline strikes on YouTube through the abovementioned points. 

We hope to give content creators on YouTube a clear picture of the community guidelines and their violations and an insight into the process of issuing an appeal in the event of a community guideline strike. 

Though following individual rules can be quite taxing and frustrating, it is certain that if you could follow the steps carefully, it would save a lot of grief in the long run. 

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