6 Secrets About Digital Marketing in India 2022 {Ultimate Guide}

6 Secrets About Digital Marketing in India 2022 {Ultimate Guide}

Digital Marketing in India has now become a billion dollar industry. If you think about running an online business, many people will give you various advice, and some will even tell you that this requires lots of skill and technical knowledge. But believe me, the only thing required is to know how your customers behave and interact on the internet.

Digital marketing in India has become a very effective and significant tool for establishing your company’s online presence. You can promote and sell your product very effectively through digital marketing. As we are talking about new strategies and services by which we can generate sales and build an online presence for your product, you may have some questions about the secrets of digital marketing strategy.

Don’t worry; in this article, I will tell you about the five most effective secrets of digital marketing strategy, which nobody will tell you.

Digital Marketing in India Scope & Challenges

Digital Marketing refers to an online strategy which makes use of the internet and other types of digital communication to promote brands and engage with potential customers. In a more simpler way you can do any product service for your company or business through the endless potential of the internet .

Not only does a digital marketing strategy involve use of email, social media, and web-based advertising, but it also uses web-based advertising , text and multimedia messages through marketing channels.

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Secretes of a Prudent Digital Marketing Strategy

The current professional scenario of business has become competitive day by day, and everyone is feeling the heat from growing competition.
Even for those who think themselves technologically competent, digital marketing is also a different game for him.

I’m about to reveal a few digital marketing secrets that no one will tell you every time; believe me; these are now in trends.

Email Marketing

Email marketing was the prime tool before social media and google ads. And by far, it has remained significant as an excellent tool for businesses planning their digital marketing campaigns today.

If you think about marketing anything, more complex statistics and different metrics to determine how well a campaign will perform—end of the day, that matters what you get in return.

If you think of the return of investment in marketing, Email marketing continues to outperform. Industry analysts are now figuring out that email marketing ROI will be 30 times higher than its investment, which is way higher than any other channel.

Here are the lists of some of the best Email Marketing Tools You Can use :

Social Media Marketing

Many people complain that they tried Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns but did not get good results. It’s not the actual scenario. Facebook and Instagram offers are relatively cheap, and they just cost a few bucks. The possibilities are endless, and social media algorithms are changing every day.

You can try for any medium based on your target audience, be it Facebook, Instagram, or even Pinterest, a less tapped place where you can get enormous opportunities.

You can use different tools for social media marketing and grow your online business. An effective strategy to use tools that help you make your campaigns more systematic and practical. The tools allow you simultaneously run Facebook ads Instagram ads, generate leads, and increase your sales. 

I recommend you use SocialPilot, the number 1 tool for social media scheduling and publishing tool which is available in the market currently. There several benifits of using SocialPilot, you can use SocialPilot to schedule social media posts with ease, and you can boost engagement and fine-tune your social media approach by analyzing the data.

Video Marketing

Studies revealed that a big part of your website audience is aged between 25 and 40 years, and they want to watch a video rather than only articles. They tend to walk away if they don’t find an explainer video rather than only texts at the beginning.

Engaging videos are now the most effective content as people are more and more prefer to watch videos than ever. Another statistic revealed that an average person spends approximately 100 minutes watching videos, and the value is increasing month on month.

Call to Action 

Most businesses have claimed to have nailed their call to action (CTA) tight, but they are not finding many sales. If you have built landing pages effectively but still lack proper sales, you have to look to upgrade your CTA. Some Important points to remember :

  • People requires clear action to make their decision
  • Use more actionable verbs & phrase
  • Use less words & Place your CTA in proper place

Proper Search Intent

SEO is the most crucial element of digital marketing strategy. SEO will not work without keywords, and the main objective of digital marketing is to reach more and more customers through the proper use of searchable keywords.

When the keywords are correctly placed in your article, your post ranks at the top of Google, another aspect of SEO in digital marketing is search intent. You have to cater to the user’s intention with your content or keyword.

Creative Storytelling

It’s never a bad idea to use some creative story within your article. An attractive, engaging story while attracting or marketing an affiliate brand is always a good idea. Telling a story gives your audience a fresh feeling and creates a binding with your customers.


Strategic planning and relating with your customer on a deeper level is needed to have ahead on the top. The above points are lesser-known ways to promote your brand and get some edge on digital marketing in India. What is not true about digital marketing is that you have to constantly look for creative ways and work a bit differently from what others are doing.

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