How Reliable & Efficient is Hostinger – Review on Hostinger cPanel

How Reliable & Efficient is Hostinger – Review on Hostinger cPanel 

Today I will review Hostinger web hosting & hostinger cPanel and share my personal experience of using hostinger webs hosting since last 2 years.

A site is only 100% reliable if it’s up and running at all times. And if you are a blogger , Affiliate Marketer and want a reliable and affordable web hosting provider, a simple and easy to use hosting cpanel for your blog website, then currently there is no alternative to hostinger web hosting.

Hostinger is one of the best and affordable shared web hosting and the hostinger cpanel is very easy to use , you can easily access hostinger cpanel and host as many as 100 domains.   Hostinger plans are also very affordable and their customer service is one of the best among the web hosting providers available in the market today. Their basic hosting plan is loaded with great features. which is only 1.39 /month).

Hostinger offers unlimited websites and domains, as well as hosting. You can also choose to put your website on a shared server or a cloud server. These serve as the perfect solution for those who want to focus on their business and not spend time and money on maintaining the site.

I would like to recommend hostinger always as I have been using hostinger now for almost 2 years and currently , there are 6 domains hosted in my hostinger shared premium web hosting. I can assure you that I have been using the service with 100% satisfaction and peace of mind . My two sites named & are now on high traffic & I am always enjoying a robust hosting service and lightning speed while using the histinger service.

The best of all is that they have provided me with free ssl for life time with all my domains whether I purchase it from hostinger or from another domain provider like Godaddy.

If you are a beginner & planning to start your career with blogging or affiliate marketing you can start with hostinger Premium Shared Hosting plan which provides a very simple and customized hostinger cpanel which is very easy to use. 

If you are starting your blogging career with hostinger then you don’t need any skills for web development or no need to learn any coding. This is one of the easy web hosting solution available in the market.

Hostinger Webhosting Review 2022

Table of Contents

The Journey of Hostinger

Hostinger is classified within the low-cost and affordable shared hosting companies available today and from then they have grown their business quite rapidly within the world and now they have secured among the top 3 web hosting providers within the planet in terms of price , reliability , uptime , and customer service.

In 2007, they started their journey as a free website hosting service provider their brand name was 000WebHost. Later in 2011, the came out with the Hostinger brand name.

There are some best alternatives also available for Hostinger. MilesWeb, BlueHost, BigRock, etc are the best and most affordable web hosting providers than Hostinger.

MilesWeb offer upto 80% discount on their web hosting plans. And an important policy is you can buy and renew at the same cost.

You can find some best alternatives of hostinger like Bluehost , A2Hosting , Milesweb , Bigrock they are also the best & most affordable hosting provider like hostinger.

Earlier hostinger was using Apache servers until 2019. After 2019 they have upgraded their servers into more advanced Litespeed servers which has increased the performance of their servers to a great extent.

You can find a broader range of services while selecting the hostinger hosting service . In addition to web hosting you can find cloud hosting, shared hosting, Email, Windows VPS, and domain registration also in the hostinger product bucket.

Why you need a Good Hosting Provider ?

If you are in blogging or want to start your career as a successful digital or affiliate marketer the first thing you need is a good website for which you need a robust & reliable hosting provider.

The basic work which a webhosting does is to allocate a space or room for your websites data , pictures , videos on the internet. Whenever you require any information , data or anything you can access the room or you can store all your website data into the room.

Through the hosting your website is visible to the internet and anybody can access your website anytime when they require or search your domain to the website.

For a common man it’s very tough or complicated to build a webserver on its own and it’s also very costly and requires lots of technical knowledge.We buy a hosting package from a specific web hosting provider like hostinger and they bear all the expense like setting up the webserver and back end maintenance.

Apert from buying the web hosting and setting up the wordpress installation through the hostinger cpanel , we don’t need to look out for anything apart from this .

A cheap hosting can be of low budget which is appealing in terms of price deals but if you are using a business website , ecommerce , blogging then the uptime of 99.9% matters a lot. Hostinger has an excellent track record of uptime rates as I can personally tell you because I am using their services for quite a long time now.

On an average 40,000 sites have been hacked worldwide every day. Securing a web server not only protects your website data and other components, but it also safeguards customer data and your other valuable assets from hackers

If your website takes much time to load on the internet then you will obviously lose valuable customers and your website will not rank. Any customer that comes to your website reflects back within seconds which leads to an increase in bounce rate and decrease in your website’s impression.

According to a google, if your website takes load time between 1 to 3 seconds then the bounce rate increases by 32%.

You also need to back up your data from time to time , because if any error occurs your data’s will be safe. A good web hosting server always gives you the facility also.

So now I am sure you have learned some points about why good hosting is very important for a website , now let’s see why hostinger is the best option in selecting a good hosting provider.

Benefits of Using Hostinger Hosting Service 

Now lets see what are the benefits you get by selecting hostinger web hosting , though there are several points we can tell you about how hostinger is a best option , still now I will point out some of the key features of hostinger.

A High Speed & Trustworthy Hosting with Fast Loading Time 

Hostinger has started using LiteSpeed after 2019. Most of our clients who are using WordPress as their Content Management System have tested it with LiteSpeed on their servers. We saw a great improvement on time to the first byte (TTFB) compared to their earlier Apache.

They have a excellent customer service with 24×7 backend support . Hostinger maintains an average 345 ms loading time. Hostinger provides their servers mainly in three continents like USA, Asia & Europe. All of these servers have connections of 1000 Mbps. This high-speed connection ensures constant loading time and robust speed.

Below are some speed stats of hostinger hosting

Hostinger is providing 60 to 70% discount on their web hosting plans , but you can easily think that they come with compromising quality when the price is so good. But with hostinger it is not the case .

In Fact they are providing the fastest speed in this price range they are giving.On their website, Hostinger claims that their server response time is 43 milliseconds, which is no doubt is a very good speed in this price point.

Anywhere between 300-400 ms speed is considered to be a good speed and currently The industry average for page loading speed is closer to 900 ms , so we can say that hostinger is giving a very good speed in terms of current industry standard.

Constantly Great Uptime

Most of the people uses their website for making money , be it a blog , ecommerce site in digital & affiliate marketing website is the main tool.

So the uptime of your website plays an important roll in success of your business. if the website gets down , it will hugely impact your business.

H-Pannel or Hostinger Cpanel

Unlike other hosting providers you wont get cpanel in hostinger , instead they have developed a super easy to use control panel named h-panel.All the major components of cpanel is provided in hostinger cpanel , while they are very easy to use , good significant icons are very easy to locate.

If you login to a hostinger account you can very easily go to your cPanel or h-panel in just one click. If you are a beginner then the hpanel is very easy to use , but for advanced cPanel users it lacks c-panel auto installations are done with the help of Softaculous.

But the design and icon placement of hostinger cPanel is really eye catching and I can tell you that in this part the hostinger UI team has done a marvelous job. you can install WordPress in 1-Click which is a excellent feature one can have in cPanel of hostinger.

Apart from WordPress you can also install you can also install other popular CMS in just one click. I can tell you this is the one of the most unique feature hostinger is providing to you. You cant see anywhere in other web hosting providers.

The plan migration option in hostinger hpanel is also very easy to upgrade which in some other hostinger provider bit difficult to handle.

Free Domain and Website Builder

Every Hostinger plan comes with a free domain and website builder. This is another great feature of Hostinger , if you are building a new website from scratch then this is a very good tool for you.

The drag & drop option of Zyro website builder allows you to easily customize and develop a website with no developing knowledge or prior experience of website designing.

Excellent Customer Service & Live Support

Managing a website needs constant live support in the time of an emergency or any kind of technical difficulties. I can assure you through my own experience that the hostinger has got 100% marks in this aspect.

Their prompt support and quick resolution will build an extra layer of trust within you.

Specifically speaking, Hostinger’s support is top-notch. I have personally contacted them many times, and every time they have reverted to me within a few moments and have solved my problems with full satisfaction.

Simple & Easy to use Interface

After you login to the hostinger dashboard you don’t need to look here & there. Its super easy interface gives you a comfortable feeling even if you don’t have much experience with web hosting or managing a website.

Every part is very clearly labeled so that you can find or navigate to the respective section easily.

Hostinger makes it very easy for you to change your usage, upgrade your plan, change your domain, and manage your email.

Affordable Pricing & Money back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with their services you can opt out to cancel your subscription within 30 days of purchasing hostinger web hosting services.

If you change your mind you can get your money back. 30 days is an industry standard promise which most hosting providers give to their customers.

Some excellent tools that Hostinger provides

  1. NGINX Caching : This is a very useful feature that Hostinger provides to their customers NGINX Caching boosts website speed by streamlining the content of static websites.
  2. PHP7 Support : PHP developers will be surprised by knowing the fact that Hostinger comes with PHP7 support. PHP7 is way faster than its earlier version PHP5. In terms of benchmarking, it has been noticed that PHP7 is twice as fast as PHP5.
  3. 1-Click installer : The 1-Click installer is an excellent option that hostinger provides for its customers as you can install any software in just one click in hostinger.

What people say about Hostinger

Hostinger is an automatic choice for their competitive pricing but not compromising in the quality. So what are you looking for , if you are planning to start a blog or create a website you can choose hostinger with a peace of mind.

Plans & Pricing of Hostinger Web Hosting 

Hostinger is among the cheapest hosting plans available without compromising the quality. In fact, it’s consistently one of the lowest priced hosting options in the market.

Hostinger provides 3 hosting options , hence it’s very simple that you don’t have to choose for so many options and confuse yourself . I am providing you details of all three plans for your complete knowledge.

Single Shared Hosting plan

  • Price: Only $0.99 for a month. After one month, you can renew it for $2.15
  • Website: User can host up to 1 website.
  • SSD: 30 GB of SSD storage.
  • Bandwidth:User can get 100 GB of Bandwidth.
  • Free SSL Certificate:Life time free SSl for 1 domain.
  • Email Accounts:Only one email account will be provided.

You will get free SSL with this plan & you can access WordPress & Cloudflare along with this plan. Only 1 MySQL database will be provided to the user.

Premium Shared Hosting plan

  • Price:The price start from $2.59/month. Renewal is done at $3.49
  • Website: User can host up to 100 website.
  • SSD: 100 GB of SSD storage.
  • Bandwidth:This plan offers Unlimited Bandwidth.
  • Free SSL Certificate:Life time free SSl certificate.
  • Email Accounts:You can set 100 Email accounts.

You will get unlimited MySQL databases along with free domain registration in this plan. The plan also gives SSh access.

Business Shared Hosting Plan

  • Price:The price start from $4.09/month. The Plan renews at $7.95
  • Website: User can host up to 100 website.
  • SSD: 200 GB of SSD storage.
  • Bandwidth:This plan offers Unlimited Bandwidth.
  • Free SSL Certificate:Life time free SSl certificate.
  • Email Accounts:You can set 100 Email accounts.

The plan offers daily backup instead of weekly backup in 1st two plans.You will get unlimited MySQL databases along with free domain registration in this plan. The plan also gives SSH access.

Hostinger Cloud Hosting Plans

Hostinger Cloud Hosting Plan has also 3 categories , I have given below details of all three categories.

Cloud Startup Plan

  • Pricing Start from $9.99/month. It renews at $7.95/li>
  • Ram 3 GB Database size 6 GB CPU 2 Core
  • SSD: 200 GB of SSD storage.
  • Bandwidth:This plan offers Unlimited Bandwidth.
  • Free SSL Certificate:Life time free SSl certificate.
  • Email Accounts:You can set 100 Email accounts.

Cloud Professional Plan

  • Pricing Start from $18.99/month. It renews at $31.80/li>
  • Ram 6 GB Database size 6 GB , CPU 4 Core
  • SSD: 250 GB of SSD storage.
  • Bandwidth:This plan offers Unlimited Bandwidth.
  • Free SSL Certificate:Life time free SSl certificate.
  • Email Accounts:You can set 100 Email accounts.

Cloud Enterprise Plan

  • Pricing Start from $64.99/month.
  • Ram 12 GB Database size 6 GB , CPU 6 Core
  • SSD: 300 GB of SSD storage.
  • Bandwidth:This plan offers Unlimited Bandwidth.
  • Free SSL Certificate:Life time free SSl certificate.
  • Email Accounts:You can set 100 Email accounts.

Hostinger VPS Hosting Plans

These are all cloud based VPS web hosting plans & 30 times faster compared to any shared web hosting service according to the company.

  • Ram ranging from 1 GB to 16 GB
  • CPU 1 core to 8 Core
  • SSD 20 GB to 250 GB
  • Bandwidth Unlimited

If you need dedicated web hosting then you go for this. Compared to other hosting providers Hostinger VPS hosting is little expensive.


After reading the entire article I am sure now you can find Hostinger web hosting is a good proposition in terms of budget friendliness , robust speed , extended security , easy to use dashboard , 1 click software installation , free dedicated ssl , 1 free doman & money back guarantee.

It has excellent 24×7 customer care to assist you in all your queries and problems.If you are a beginner and want to start a new blog website or affiliate marketing business website then , I can recommend you to definitely opt for hostinger , where you can find good uptime and premium features within a low budget.

Disclosure: PrasunDigital is a blogging site that receives commission from the companies whose products we review. We only recommend products and services that we believe in. Some of them I haven’t used but investigated.

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