How to cancel Walmart plus membership ? A complete guide

How to cancel Walmart Plus membership ? A complete guide

Walmart Plus is a loyalty program or subscription plan provided by Walmart, one of the most popular stores in America. And like any other subscription plan, it helps the members have numerous benefits of reducing their cost on every product from fuel to prescriptions, where the shipping and delivery charges are as low as almost zero.

how to cancel walmart plus membership

To activate your subscription, you have to pay a specific amount on a monthly or yearly basis. This will be beneficial for customers who regularly shop at Walmart as they will get several rewards occasionally for spending money on the platform, especially if it helps save a few extra cash on gas and fuel prices.

But if you notice that you have been shopping for goods and groceries more at other stores, then it might be best for you to cancel Walmart plus membership and save the extra money you are spending on the Plus subscription plan. 

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But before you jump into the process of canceling your subscription plan, you need to know how to cancel your Walmart plus membership and how the Walmart Plus membership plan or Walmart Plus family plan works.

What is a Walmart Plus Membership Plan?

Walmart Plus costs $12.95 or annually $98for membership at the store. Interested customers can also start with a 30-day initial free trial membership. Once you become a Plus member, you gain multiple benefits, which Are as follows:

● Free deliveries on orders of products over $35, 

● The low price range on gas and fuel at Walmart partnership gas and Murphy stations

● Access to mobile scan-and-go feature while shopping in-store — which is regarded especially helpful in the atmosphere of the Covid 19 pandemic or when you are on a time crunch.

● Up to 85 percent discount on more than thousands selects prescriptions and drugs at Walmart pharmacies.

But despite these benefits, the Walmart plus membership plan can also bring some drawbacks, which will ultimately result in increasing your shopping costs rather than reducing them. 

On top of that, except for a few customers, not everyone gains the benefits of the Plus membership; in this case, it is always advisable to cancel your membership plan entirely or cancel it after the free trial period ends. 

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Below is a detailed description of how to cancel your Walmart plus membership.

Want to Cancel Your Walmart Plus Membership: Here is How

Although Walmart Plus once may have offered valuable services for your household, you must decide to move on and save your money when you have the opportunity. 

There are two ways to cancel the Walmart Plus family plan, one is going through the process by yourself, and the other one is using DoNotPay, which can do it on your behalf. 

The method of canceling the subscription plan can often prove to be stressful and even tedious in some cases, whereas with DoNotPay, it can be much more simple and hassle-free.

Canceling of Walmart plus Membership plan by yourself

By using a few simple methods, anybody can cancel the Walmart Plus subscription plan. These methods are as follows:

●  Calling Customer Service 

By making a call to customer service at the following number: (800) 924-9206, you can easily cancel your subscription plan. Although this method will cancel your plus services eventually, it can be irritating at times because of their long call-waiting time as they manage so many customers regularly. So this process can be lengthy at times.

●   Online Cancellation 

The second option is canceling your membership account online. It is done following a few simple steps. First, you need to sign in to your Walmart plus account, then click ‘My Account, which is on the top right corner. 

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After this, you need to select ‘Delivery Unlimited,’ and finally, you need to click on ‘End Delivery Unlimited.’ After this is done, you have to wait for a confirmation message, and this way, you can successfully cancel your Walmart plus account.

Although these two methods are helpful, they can sometimes be time-consuming, and the online techniques may have numerous difficulties due to unreliable internet connections or occasional glitches. 

And if you are short on time before your free trial ends, these methods can even cause you the risk of being charged for the next month. Thus you need to know how to cancel Walmart plus a free trial on time. In such a situation, DoNotPay can come to your aid.

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Canceling of Walmart plus Membership Plan Using DoNotPay

Following these steps using DoNotPay, you can cancel your subscriptions and a free trial and save your valuable time and money.

● First, log in to the page of DoNotPay and look for the Manage Subscriptions product.

● Mention the name of the subscription service you wish to cancel.

● Lastly, offer your account details such as username and email address.

DoNotPay not only cancels Walmart subscription but also notify when the cancelation process is complete and even helps in canceling other services of your choice, such as 

Sirius XM, Massage Envy, CVS CarePass, etc.

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how to cancel walmart plus membership

Terms And Conditions Of Cancelling Walmart Plus Membership Account

  1. No refunds are provided if the fees of Walmart+ Membership or Plus Up Benefit are paid. If you fail to cancel Walmart plus refund, you will continue to use your Walmart+ Membership until your paid Walmart+ Membership term ends last.
  1. If you cancel your Walmart+ Membership during the free trial period, you can not use your Walmart+ Membership account and will lose the free trial benefits immediately.

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Bottom Line

Walmart plus Membership plan is no doubt beneficial for those who regularly shop at the store, and this helps them get various rewards and benefits on shopping, shipping, and delivery of the orders. 

But regarding multiple factors like if you don’t shop at the store very often, get better products or offers at different stores, or simply want to try other plans, it would be best to cancel the high-cost subscription plan. 

And in this case, it is natural for you to raise the question: of how to balance your Walmart plus membership safely and quickly. Well, rest assured! Because following the process mentioned above, you can easily cancel your Walmart plus membership successfully.

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