What is wordle online & how to play it – Everything about the world-famous game

What is wordle online & how to play it – Everything about the world-famous game

During the Pandemic, we all looked online for some game to entertain us. Hence the word wordle came into action. It is a simple online word game where players have to find a five-letter word in six attempts.

What is wordle online

Wordle was developed by Josh Wardle and acquired by The New York Times company. As of now, wordle online is free of cost game on the web.  

How to play wordle online

Don’t worry if you’re new to the game! Here is some quick information to help you in solving wordle challenges. Wordle online is only accessible for 24 hours and is a free online word-guessing game: guess the five-letter word in six tries or less.

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Wordle’s rules are explained in a convenient pop-up the first time you load the game, but they’re all quite simple. The word game was created by Josh Wardle, a Brooklyn-based software engineer.

The absolute beauty of this problem is how simple and pleasant it is. The most interesting thing about Worldle is that the players who can compete in the challenge post their solving patterns and data on social media.

In wordle online game, each day, players have to guess a new 5-letter word which is common for all players. They have to guess the correct word in 6 or fewer attempts. Players have their strategy to play wordle online.

It consists of a Grid with 6 Rows and 5 Columns. On the 1st Row, the player must guess any 5-letter word of his choice. On pressing the ENTER key, the letters will turn into three colors:

  1. Green: A letter in Green means it is correct and is in the right place.
  2. Yellow: A letter in Yellow means it is in the word but in the wrong place.
  3. Grey: A letter in Grey means it is not anywhere in the word.  

Any Letter can be used more than one time as well.

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Where to find Wordle to Play

It is a web-based game, so there is no google app to download it. You need to click on New York Times Games site (wordle website) and be ready to play the game. 


Let us have a look at features that make Wordle online a unique and interesting game: 

  1. It is free from any advertisements. 
  2. The Puzzle can be played only once a day. 
  3. Each player plays the same Puzzle.
  4. You can share your result on social media without being a spoiler.
  5. New Puzzle will reset at midnight according to your country’s time zone.
  6. Wordle keeps track of how many times you have played the game.
  7. It also records the win and loss rate of a player.

 Wordle Example:

 Let’s take the word SCARE, a very common word. 

Let’s take the word SCARE, a very common word. 

  1. So, in the starting Row, let us write TOPIC. 

   T O P I C

When we press ENTER

  T O P I C  

This means that ‘C’ is in a word but the wrong position. Other alphabets’ T’ ‘O’ ‘P’ ‘I’ are not in the word at all, so we will not use them further.

  1. Let us write CANDY in 2nd Row

Press ENTER Key


Alphabets’ A’ and ‘C’ turn yellow. It means both alphabets are in the word, but now they are in the wrong position. Alphabets’ N’ ‘D’ ‘And Y’ are not in the word, so I will not use them.

  1. Let us Write SCRIBE in 3rd Row

Press ENTER Key


Alphabets’ S’ and ‘C’ turn green, meaning both are in the right position.
Alphabets ‘R’ and ‘A’ are also in the word, but the position is wrong. Alphabet ‘B’ turns Gray, which means it is not in the word. Hence, we got four alphabets of a correct word: ‘ S’ ‘C’ ‘R’ ‘A’.

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  1. Let us write the word SCALE Press ENTER Key


Alphabets’ A’ and ‘E’ has turned Green, and already alphabets’ S’ and ‘C’ were Green, which means all are in the right positions. Alphabets’ L’ turning Gray means it is not in the word, so we will not use it.
Here we have got four alphabets in the right position. Using our brain, we can easily replace ‘L’ with the letter ‘R’.

5. Hence type SCARE and press ENTER Key.


The outcome – all grid is green, meaning SCARE is the correct word. We have solved the Puzzle in 5 attempts itself.

Other wordle examples are LOSER, FLOOD, DEPTH.

Is Wordle Free of Cost?

Yes, Wordle is free online, and you need to open the New York Times Games site and play it.

When to Play Wordle online

You can complete Wordle once a day. Unlike other games, Wordle is a very less time-consuming puzzle game, and the game resets every midnight according to your present location and time zone.

What is wordle online

Some Tips and Tricks to play Wordle

  1. The first letter is the most crucial one. Always go with the word with more vowels (a, e, i, o, u).
  2. In the first Row, avoid using the alphabets’ X’, ‘Y’, and ‘Z’.
  3. Always use the green letter alphabet from the above Row in the same position.
  4.  Use the yellow letter alphabet from the above Row in different positions.
  5. Grey letters mean that the alphabet is not in the word. Hence, avoid them. Don’t use them again in the world. It will just be a waste of time.
  6. Better to avoid names and locations. We should use common words.
  7. Words will always be singular.
  8. The letter can be used twice as well. Example – wheel, agree, class.

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Wordle online is a game that will keep its user engaged only for less time and fun unlimited. The main feature of Wordle is its clarity and ad-free feature. Hope with this quick guide. You have an idea of how to play Wordle, along with tips and tricks. Just try to play today and share your grid with friends.

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