Tinstree full customer review : Is Tinstree legit?

Tinstree full customer review : Is Tinstree legit?

Nowadays, we are entirely dependent on online platforms. Among them, online shopping platforms are just like our most trustworthy best friends. Everything is within our reach on these platforms, from food, gadgets, groceries, clothes, and footwear.

is tinstree legit full case study

Tinstree is among many such popular online shopping platforms. Now that I have mentioned the name, questions may arise, “What is Tinstree”, “What it is known for,” “What are the Terms and Conditions,” ” Where is Tinstree Located” and most importantly, “Is It Legitimate and Trustworthy.” Well, rest assured! Because here lie the answers to all of your questions.

About Tinstree

Tinstree is a well-known e-commerce website based in Hong Kong that sells footwear items that are not only fashionable but also high-quality and affordable.

With an expert team working tirelessly, this website aims to provide the best customer experience with its plethora of customized categories of footwear ranging from flats, slippers, and sandals to Wedding shoes—pump & Heels, Wages, Sneakers, Boots, and so on.

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If you are wondering about the location of this website, then it is situated at A 11/F SUCCESS COMM BLDG 245-251 HENNESSY RD HONGKONG and was established on 2nd October 2020. The website is regarded as a newcomer in this field.

Still, they are all set to be a dependable site for customers to land on their best items and enjoy effortless navigation and shopping experience. They are a qualified platform to deliver their shipped products worldwide, primarily in pacific-rim countries such as the United States.

Apart from this, the Tinstree shipping policy is also very customer friendly. You have to pay only $10 for orders under $39, and for the items costing over $39, you can quickly get a free shipping option.

You can make the payment with various methods such as AmEx, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, PayPal, Visa, and others on this shopping site. You can also return the items within 30 days after receiving the product. They also have an easy refund policy where they refund within 10-15 business days after successfully checking the product.

So if you are looking for comfortable yet fashionable footwork to match your ready-to-go lifestyle, you can visit the Tinstree website. But before jumping into any hasty decision, it is always advisable to have a piece of explicit knowledge about the legitimacy of this as well as any online website. So let’s look at how much Tinstree is reliable and legit in providing a good customer experience.

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Know about the legitimacy of Tinstree

It is not an easy task to give a statement or an online review about the legitimacy of any Internet website regarding the ready-to-use structure. Thus the e-store, Tinstree, could be real or fake.

Still, before making your conclusion, you should pay attention to some of the critical points with standard parameters. Evaluating the pros and cons of this website is very important.

Pros of this website

● It is an R3-certified website.

● The site has a trust score of 73/100, which is quite good.

● Trustworthy and user-friendly payment options can be found.

● Selected quality products and seamless navigation are available.

● Reviews of the customers, though less in number, are provided on the site.

● Enough site-specific social media presence can be seen.

Cons of this website

● The Alexa ranking of this website is very high, around or over 22lakh, which means it is low to users.

● The site’s contact address can not be found on Google Maps.

● No telephone contact details are provided.

● Options to check the product Reviews seem suspicious.

● Hey, are established on 2 October 2020, which makes them relatively new in the market.

● The site is on social media, but customer interaction is shallow.

Evaluating all of the pros mentioned above and cons, we find the legit points of the website to be very mixed and vague. This could be a scam or a fake website.

According to the other trustworthy assessments, the suspicious customer reviews favor only the products. Most of them either exist with zero reviews or 1-3 reviews, all of which hint at the negative legit existence of this website. 

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It also suggests that the owner might have been using this website’s internal review process. Thus, to avoid any trap of online purchasing scams, thoroughly looking at the provided data and information is always advisable. 


Evaluating all the untrustworthy reviews and as per Alexa ranking and trust score, we can say Tinstree is a suspicious website. Thus it is always recommendable to rely on a trusty website for your online purchasing. You also can read customer reviews on trustpilot.

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