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Is wrist mafia legit? Wrist Mafia Honest Review

Who doesn’t want to have a couple of stylish watches in their possession? And when it comes to buying them, naturally, online purchasing platforms become the first option.

But here comes the question: Which online shopping sites are legitimate so you can trust them before placing your order?

is wrist mafia legit

Among the endless wristwatch-selling websites on the internet, one is Wrist Mafia. This company is a partner of numerous worldwide wristwatch brands, and it has a unique subscription plan That delivers high-quality, trendy, fashionable watches every month at an affordable price.

Here you can find various varieties in the wristwatch section ranging from Deus watches, Mason and company watch, Maestro Divemaster watches, and so on. The Deus watch Wrist Mafia, among them, is exceptionally noteworthy.

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So if you want to redefine your style statement with the exclusive and best quality wrist watches, you should take a look at the subscription box of Wrist Mafia.

But of course, before jumping to any hasty decisions, especially about any online shopping sites, it is always advisable to know whether your orders are coming from a legit site or not. Similarly, in the case of the wrist mafia, you need to make sure of the legitimacy of this online shopping website.

All about the legitimacy of the Wrist Mafia Website

We all know that a customer’s satisfaction lies in the excellency of the product quality and customer service more than it depends on the product cost.

In this regard, the wrist mafia may be identified as a legit company as it has gained a lot of votes for having the best watch subscription box and providing extraordinary services to all customers.

But despite its popularity, the Wrist Mafia Trustpilot reviews are not that great. So before you become a victim, let’s look at some of the key facts about the wrist mafia subscription box: how it works, the return and refund policy and the terms and conditions, etc.

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How does the subscription box of Wrist Mafia work?

just a simple sign-up on the official website makes you a successfully subscribed member of the collection of watches on the wrist mafias website. 

After registration and filling up your personal information, you need to choose your preferred package from the three types of subscriptions available. 

After order placement, you can expect your package to arrive within the 1st to 5th of each month. International customers can take a little longer because the shipping process is time-consuming. 

 The customer reviews on this website show that the watches sent to you are random, yet their quality is ensured to be high, where the cost starts at $ 100.00 per piece. You don’t receive any similar model that has been delivered before. 

●     The pricing plan of Wrist Mafia– a total of three subscription plans is available here. A monthly renewal fee of $29.00 has to be paid for the first plan, while in the second package, you receive your box in three consecutive months through a three months subscription plan. 

The final 6-month program offers you a subscription box for consecutive six months. This plan can be renewed every six months and costs $156.00.

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●     The refund policy of Wrist Mafia– the only downside of a wrist mafia subscription is that you don’t get the refund after you sign up for the subscription package. 

The Wrist Mafia cancel subscription is possible for the monthly subscription plan, and you can avoid charges before the 15 days, but it is not possible if you have opted for a three or 6-month package subscription.

●     Customer service policy of Wrist Mafia– if you have any queries regarding the shipped product, you can quickly contact this company’s customer service through the email address

●     The reputation of the Wrist Mafia website– many subscribers have given positive reviews about the watches they have received regarding their excellent quality and design. Many cannot suppress their excitement regarding the watch quality they will get next month.

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You are evaluating all the points mentioned above. It can say that Wrist Mafia is a legit platform where you can get high-quality, trendy jewellery-level watches with your subscription packages.

But it would help if you kept in mind that sometimes all this can become too good to be true, as every watch you get per month can not guarantee the same quality.

On top of that, some of their social media platforms do not contain any negative reviews, which can be suspicious. But you can try their monthly subscription box based on good reviews and reasonable pricing.

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