What Are the top Google Merchandise Store Alternatives

What Are the top Google Merchandise Store Alternatives

Google Ads is one of the leading online advertising platforms for e-commerce under Google merchandise store digital marketing. Promoting more business ventures implies a higher cost per action, which is, in turn, detrimental to the company. 

This makes finding alternative methods to do the same and publicize products imperative. Listed below are some of the top Google merchandise store alternatives.

Top Google Merchandise Store Alternatives

1.Microsoft Product ads

Microsoft Search Network boasts over 700 million PC users worldwide, promotes sales of various companies through the help of its Bing search results page, and has made its mark as a top online merchandise store.

The Microsoft Product ads include custom images providing the relevant information regarding the product along with their title, pricing, shipping agency, and the seller and company details. The images are created in the Microsoft Merchant Center and are called merchant catalogs.

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The process of creating such ads in Microsoft is similar to creating their counterparts in Google, giving an additional impetus to it being one of the top Google merchandise store alternatives. Besides Bing, Microsoft also provides the ads with their respective coverage on search engines like Yahoo! and DuckDuckGo on a pay-per-click basis.

2. Facebook Ads

Boasting more than 2.8 billion users, Facebook is one of the most popular social platforms around the globe. It also proves to be an attractive and lucrative marketplace for advertisements because it sees a flow of 1 billion monthly visitors in its marketplace alone.

Recently, it has been giving a very tough competition to the Google merchandise store digital marketing sector. A business may also create a campaign if they intend to increase the number of people visiting its website.

Facebook enables one to promote products on various placements, including Facebook and Instagram feeds, Facebook Marketplace, and stories. This paves a great way to provide additional coverage and visibility to users and potential buyers of the product.

Moreover, Facebook advertisements are available in over twelve different languages, which help catch users’ eyes over a wide geographical area, thereby expanding the sales to a more significant section of the masses.

3. Amazon Product Ads

Amazon, one of the world’s greatest e-commerce giants and online merchandise stores, has garnered millions of loyal customers who even hesitate to make their purchases on Amazon.

It has gained the trust of several people all over the globe in the recent past, giving it an upper hand over other websites. Amazon reduces the sales cycle, tremendously improves the product’s visibility, and contributes to generating and increasing brand awareness.

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4. Pinterest Shopping Ads

Pinterest, the 14th most prominent online social platform in the world, recently reported a shopping engagement growth of 20% this year. This bears testimony to the fact that it has been providing great opportunities to reach out to its audience and providing an impetus to further e-commerce.

Pinterest is best suitable for the companies that are targeting mobile users. Globally Pinterest is present in over 82% of the smartphone user.

It is not uncommon to find people searching for seasonal ideas or gifts on Pinterest, and selling seasonal products could be highly advantageous to companies. Hence, Pinterest provides excellent scope for potential sellers to promote their goods by utilizing this online platform.

Top Google Merchandise Store Alternatives

5. E-Bay

E-Bay, the second largest marketplace in the United States of America, has over 187 million users worldwide and boasts of more than 1.7 billion listings

Promoted Listings are used for companies and potential sellers to stand out amongst the long list of competitors. Using Promoted Listings improves visibility by over 36%, boosting and increasing product visibility.

Unlike most sites mentioned above, the Promotes Listings available on E-bay do not work on the click-and-play mechanism. 

It only charges the seller and takes commission when the customer buys one of the items. This is a huge plus point for sellers looking for economical ways to advertise and sell their products online and to be considered one of the top Google merchandise store alternatives.

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Final Words

To conclude, the e-commerce industry is growing exponentially and rapidly, especially with the advent of smartphones and the integration of the internet.

The ever-increasing competition among various top brands and sellers is paving a massive way in increasing the reliance of sellers advertising their products via online resources.

Sellers must ensure that shopping ads publicized on the specific ad platforms are available in the targeted country. While Google Ads are available almost worldwide, the other platforms have limited geography.

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