A Glimpse of Tesla’s first Supercharger V4 station

By P R Digital

Monday, 12 September 2022 (

The first Supercharger V4 station from Tesla is coming to Arizona.

Tesla is increasing the new charger's manufacture in preparation for a swift rollout across the US.

image courtesy @twitter.com.

Video source: @twitter.com

The new charger is capable of a higher charge rate.

Currently, the Super Charger V3 is capped at 250 kW

The Supercharger V4 stations also cater non-Tesla vehicles.

However, it might also result from greater use of solar energy and energy storage at charging stations.

According to Elon Musk, the supercharger station will continue to power from solar and batteries.

The stations will include 40 spaces, out of which one will be reserved for trailer-towing trucks.

Supercharger V4 station will also include solar arrays and a Megapack.

A single Megapack can charge 40 electric vehicles.

A solar array can also charge the battery packs to reduce grid usage.

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