Glastonbury Motorcycle Accident

According to police, a motorcyclist aged 18 and a 15-year teenage girl died in Glastonbury Motorcycle Accident.

The most tragic part of the incident is both the families lost their most valuable teenage loved ones.

The motorcyclist named Gordon was a student of Glastonbury High School.

The Glastonbury High School officials identified Gordon “Mac” Southby as their student.

They also said that Gordon was a brilliant student.

The school authority also assured proper assistance from their fellow school community.

The other victim of the accident was Andra Spencer, a student at Bacon Academy.

Andra was heading towards 16 years, and her family was about to prepare for the birthday celebrations.

Instead, they are now planning her funeral. 

The exact reason for the crash is yet to be revealed.

The police are now investigating the case.

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