Thermal Pads are a significant part of a colling computer system.

They are extremely important in dispersing heat from any components from the CPU or GPU.

Graphic cards become extremely heated when used rigorously in gaming PCs or business machines.

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A GPU's functionality greatly depends on how well the thermal materials, like pads or paste, work.

Typically a Thermal Pad is a small component made up of conductive material.

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A Thermal Pad moves the heat from one surface to another.

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Good conductive materials like Silicone or graphite are used to manufacture thermal pads.

To help heat transfer away from the chips, thermal pads are kept between the CPU and heatsink.

The thermal pad moves heat from the CPU or GPU into the heat sink, and from there, they are finally released into the atmosphere.

Ideally, a Good thermal pad must be as thin as possible but can conduct heat effectively.