On Wednesday, a fresh Pokemon Scarlet and Violet promo highlighted the "treasure hunt" components of the games.

Along with that, a real-life treasure also came into the limelight.

The Big Thing! Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Edition have been converted into an OLED model.

image courtesy @twitter.com.

Before the game lands on Nov 18th, pokemon lovers can access the colorful console from Nov 4th.

It costs $360, slightly more expensive than the normal OLED's $350 price.

image courtesy @twitter.com.

Similar to Splatoon 3 console and compared to the standard Switch, the new model's screen is more extensive and brighter.

image courtesy @twitter.com.

You will need to purchase the games separately since they are not included with the Scarlet and Violet console.

The legendaries Koraidon and Miraidon will be included in the Scarlet and Violet Switch.