The Buccaneers' loss of Jensen on Thursday due to a knee injury might not be catastrophic.

However, it might undo a lot of careful preparation throughout the offseason.

Nothing is more crucial to Tampa Bay's success in 2022 than ensuring Tom Brady's safety.

Alarm bells are about to go off, right? Therefore, the Buccaneers must find a dependable substitute.

The Bucs claim they have not ruled out the possibility of bringing in an experienced player.

They are ready to give Robert Hainsey, a player in his second season, a shot at taking Jensen's place in the starting lineup.

Why wouldn't the Bucs start after Tretter immediately if they are in a Super Bowl-or-bust mindset in 2022?

There might be several causes. In their opinion, Tretter, 31, may not have been as good as his press releases from 2021.

All of those would be reasonable answers, but it would be an odd move for a team that invested a lot of money in off-season marketing.