The popularity of 'Bubble Tea' is Rapidly increasing 

You will soon know if you have never come to see the term 'Bubble Tea.'

In this week's Restaurant Business podcast, Paul Reynish, the global CEO of Gong Cha, has revealed his plan.

The beverage chain Gong Cha was founded in Taiwan in 1996 

Currently, Gong Cha is the fastest-growing beverage chain in the US.

The chain has 1600 stores in the global market.

In the US, the Gong Cha is available in 170 locations.

Bubble Tea is a traditional Taiwanese drink with a tea base blended with milk, fruit, and fruit juices.

After adding tapioca pearls, the tea is shaken to generate the bubble.

'Bubble Tea" is served either in hot or cold 

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