On Android 13 stable, the Unified Pixel Launcher search vanishes; a patch is on the way.

Beta users of Android 13 could discover that the new unified Pixel Launcher search experience is no longer present after installing the stable edition of the os.

Web and device search integration is one of Android 13's best features on Pixel smartphones.

The box displayed at the top of the app grid is the same as the search bar previously located at the bottom of your home screen.

All devices lost unified search after upgrading from Android 13 Beta 4.1 to the stable release.

All people who manually updated their devices and those who got the brief on-device OTA from Beta 4.1 to stable are included.

The search boxes are no longer identical, and the "G" logo has been removed from the app drawer's bar.

Google announced that they knew the problem and that a fix would be available in an "upcoming update."

Since there hasn't been any end-user activity or app update, it is hoped that a server-side repair can reverse the situation.