All you need to Know about Spellie : The Wordle for Kids

All you need to Know about Spellie : The Wordle for Kids

Introducing the Spellie may appear similar to other word games, but this one has a few unique elements designed specifically for young spellers. The kids now have an excellent opportunity to play the well-known puzzle game Wordle is made possible by a separately created children’s version of the game named Spellie.

wordle for kids spellie

Wordle has recently become a craze, with celebrities and other public figures expressing their enthusiasm for the word-based daily brain puzzle. The game has already made significant progress in the areas like Mindcraft.

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One can play very quickly as players receive six chances to guess a specific five-letter word, with each attempt highlighting individual letters in either green or yellow.

While the letters marked in green are in the correct place, the rest of the letters do not belong in the word. This simple but fascinating approach to this game design has made Wordle very popular.

Though Wordle is simple, it is not very easy for people of all ages, especially for Kids. Taking this view, a Canadian man named Christopher Porter decided to create his own kid-friendly version of the game.

wordle for kids spellie

Christopher Porter got this idea when he saw his little daughter had difficulty with some Wordle puzzles. Porter felt his daughter had a good chance of obtaining the correct answer because the word of the day was one she already knew.

So Porter created “Spellie,” a more simplified version with a more easy vocabulary and combined with customizable difficulty settings and instructions provided. He also has made significant changes like bright color schemes, which the kids like most.

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This is an inspiring story, especially for the little kids who somehow face challenges while trying to play with Wordle. While Wordle may not be as complex as a game like Sifu or Dark Souls, its difficulty may hinder some people from enjoying it. Anyone who considers themselves a gamer should be pleased to hear such news.

Though Spelie was developed primarily for Kids, the game has a broader reach. A great example is those individuals with learning difficulties or neurodivergent who may find Spellie more appealing than Wordle.

Few unique features of Spellie

Although it may appear similar to other word games, this one has a few unique features designed with young spellers. The following are some of the unique features of “Spellie”.

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  • Suitable for children, Andika font offers both uppercase and lowercase letter options.
  • More kid-friendly, vibrant colours.
  • Keyboard arranged alphabetically.
  • Daily word puzzles from a carefully curated, kid-friendly list.
  • There are no limitations on entering terms that aren’t in the dictionary.
  • You can obtain more than 400 emojis as a prize for your creativity and use of spelling.
  • Accessible mode provides hints and support and is suitable for K–2.
  • Any order of letters can be entered.
  • You can obtain more than 400 emojis as a prize for your creativity and use of spelling.

Especially for kids, you get less feedback when you use shorter words that are more complex. This was a challenging task for little ones as usual, and they know more than 3-4 letter words hence hints and help were added to Spelie more and more.

Wordle purely inspires the game Spellie, but the game has been built with an utterly different approach and is more focused on the Kids.

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