Know the Latest Top 9 funny YouTube Shorts Ideas for 2022

Know the Latest Top 7 funny YouTube Shorts Ideas for 2022

YouTube shorts are a novel feature of the technology giant YouTube that allows users to watch and upload short video snippets of around one minute. It helps connect with the audience and convey information relatively shorter duration. 

YouTube Shorts ideas without showing face

Top content creators can earn incentives through this medium, thereby increasing the monetization of their channel. One can create such funny and exciting videos even with the help of simple gadgets like one’s phone. We now enumerate some funny YouTube shorts ideas for 2022. Stay tuned.

1. Talk about the Dream

Make your short video interactive by talking about your dreams and ambitions. Talk in-depth about what they are and how you intend to pursue them. Also, add an element of fun and humor to it. 

Make sure that these dreams are realistic and connect well to the general public, which would help you reach more viewers and subscribers. Talking about the things on your bucket list and your dream travel destinations are also great YouTube shorts ideas for 2022.

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2. Story Timeline Series

Stories appeal to people of all age groups. Trimming long stories into short snippets could go a long way in helping people save time and thereby gaining more excellent views on one’s channel.

These stories could not only be interesting stories for kids but could also include the plots of various movies and web series that have been gaining wide popularity in the recent past.

Using constructive criticism, you can add an element of humor through the character sketches of various story characters. A video of you narrating the synopsis of your favorite comic book can also be uploaded as a short video.

3. Picture Story

You can add an element of visualization through the application of pictures too. Try to incorporate funny images with humorous sounds and songs that will capture the viewers’ imagination and add an element of joy to their faces. 

One can take the help of any video editing software like InShot for the same. The quality of the pictures and sound effects can be enhanced to provide the viewers with the best visual and audio experience. This is also one of the few YouTube Shorts ideas without showing face.

4. Everyday Experiences

Talk about your daily encounters and experiences. Your video could be about an interesting person you met on the bus or an amusing incident at work. This domain includes various topics, including ourselves and our surroundings, colleagues, neighbors, and friends. 

An important point to remember is always to be a keen observer. Try to note your personal experiences in a diary to keep track of them to avoid missing any exciting experiences. This also comes under one of the YouTube Shorts ideas without showing face if one wishes to add only an audio clip.

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5. Experimentation

If you are a science buff, you can demonstrate interesting scientific experiments to your viewers. Inhalation of helium gas, producing funny sounds after that, has been shown in several trending YouTube shorts

The preparation of slime for borax and simple experiments like Bath Bombs and Lolly Fountains can also be demonstrated and exhibited funnily. 

6. Funny Games and Competitions

Add an element of teamwork and camaraderie by collaborating with other friends on your YouTube shorts. These include the blindfolded eating challenge, baby food-eating challenge, and bubble wrap challenge.

Games like ‘Truth or Dare’ or ‘Never Have I Ever can also be played. Besides adding comedy, make sure to be interactive and relatable to amass a greater view count. These challenges are not just quirky but also eye-catching and engaging for the viewers.

7. Mimicry

Create funny videos by mimicking a cartoon character or an actor. Try to impersonate them by watching a few movies or snippets of their actions and try to portray them in real life.

Make a keen observation of the person’s demeanor and overall behavior. Mixing some comedy will not only instill a sense of enjoyment but also help give viewers a reflection on their past and help them remember they are good old days.

8. Funny Acts with Pets

If you are a pet parent, here is your eureka moment! Grab your pet and perform various fun activities like dancing or playing. Not only does this give you quality time to spend with your pet, but it also fills you with immense positive energy and enthusiasm, which in turn helps you garner your views by catching the eyes of several viewers across the globe.

YouTube Shorts ideas without showing face

9. Showcasing your Unique Talents

These are some of the most trending YouTube shorts. Identify your unique talents and exhibit them through these YouTube shorts. Appeal to viewers and show the whole world what you’re made of. Try to be unique and unconventional with an element of humor. So, shed your shyness and let your confidence and talent take over.

The abovementioned points have enumerated several funny and exciting YouTube shorts 2022. We hope they have helped you generate a rough statement regarding the kind of domain you want to zero down to. Lastly, we would like to wish all of you the best of luck in finding success in your YouTube shorts journey.

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